Revolutionizing The
Aviation Industry

By Delivering Cutting-edge Aircraft

Elemental Aviation was founded by aviation entrepreneur Jason Talley. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the aviation industry by delivering cutting-edge aircraft that prioritize environmental sustainability without compromising on performance or safety.

We recognize the urgent need to address the impact of aviation on our planet’s ecosystems and believe that sustainable aviation is not just a goal; it is an imperative for the future of our planet. With this vision in mind, we have partnered with Textron e-Aviation and their evolutionary brand Pipistrel.

With some of the world’s leading engineers, designers, and aviation experts that share our common passion for creating a greener and more responsible aviation industry, together we will strive to shape the future of aviation.

The aircraft we represent at Elemental Aviation are designed with a strong emphasis on fuel efficiency, lead-free operation, reduced emissions, and noise reduction. By integrating advanced aerodynamics, lightweight materials, and modern and advanced propulsion systems, we are able to deliver aircraft to our customers that set new standards for environmental performance. In addition, we work closely with industry partners, regulatory bodies, and others to push the boundaries of sustainable aviation and drive the adoption of more sustainable practices across the industry.

Beyond sustainability, we are committed to delivering exceptional performance, reliability, and safety. When we decided to start our business, it was critical that the aircraft that we represent meet our own internal standards for what we would fly ourselves. We want to ensure that new and current pilots can enjoy the benefits of modern safety, avionics, and propulsion – which allows them to focus on the elemental concepts of flying – instead of antiquated technologies.

Elemental Aviation Team

We hope you will join us in this exciting journey – one that promotes safety, modern (and dare we say sexy) design, and sustainable flying.

Jason Talley
Jason Talley

CEO & Founder

Michele Pelz
Michele Pelz

Vice President

Chris Webber
Chris Webber

Parts Manager

Kaitlyn Lera
Kaitlyn Lera

Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot

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