electric is now

Arriving from the future the Velis Electro is the greenest way of learning to fly! Pipistrel are pioneers in alternative propulsion and our electric journey started in 2007 with the world’s first 2 seat electric aircraft the Taurus Electro. Today the Velis Electro is the first ever type certified electric powered aircraft, fully approved for pilot training in Day VFR operations in more than 30 countries worldwide. Ease of operation with an intuitive powertrain and impressive ergonomics come as standard. Velis Electro is optimized for pilot training as part of the Velis family of aircraft with demonstrated levels of safety built on over 15 years of Pipistrel expertise in electric flight.


57.6 kW MTOP


98 kcas


12,000 ft


50 mins


378 lb
172 kg


Clean and Quiet

The Velis Electro produces zero emissions during operation and with noise levels of only 60dBa is ultra-quiet both on the inside and outside. A revolution in sustainable flight, a game changer for ease of operation is not easy. You no longer have to dream about the future of sustainable flight, it is here and the Velis Electro has set the standard for electric flight.


The Velis Electro was designed to be simple to operate and maintain with no compromising safety. Power comes from Pipistrel’s own type certified electric engine the E-811 producing 57.6kW from a 345 VDC electric system and in house developed dual battery system. This revolutionary powertrain is entirely liquid cooled, can be charged through the on board charging port with an external charger and has demonstrated levels of safety equivalent or higher than conventionally powered aircraft.

  • Revolutionary, game changing ease of operation and the most sustainable way to fly producing zero emissions during flight.
  • Quiet on the inside and outside. At just 60dBa the Velis Electro is noise friendly bringing flight closer to noise sensitive urban areas.
  • Low cost of operation with no fuel costs and low maintenance costs. The Velis Electro is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.