flexibility takes flight

Is it a Glider, fast efficient cross country cruiser, versatile trainer or flexible aircraft solution? Sinus is the ultimate in flexibility available to transform from a motor glider into a fast cross country aircraft in minutes.

The Sinus combines the true sense of a glider with unprecedented efficiency during powered flight. Takeoff and land on short runways, fly cross country and enjoy excellent gliding capability. All in the same aircraft.


Fuel Efficient and Outstanding Range

Pipistrel’s Sinus range of aircraft are record breaking aircraft thanks to its aerodynamic efficiencies while operating at less than 10 liters of fuel per hour. With long range fuel tanks you can go further.

Excellent Gliding Performance

Powered by imagination and innovation the 15 meter wings and up to 27:1 Glide ratio when the propeller is feathered allows you to enjoy countless hours flying in the thermals without burning a drop of fuel. Of course when needed you can always turn the engine on to extend the range.

Safety As Standard

Safety cockpit designed with energy absorbing structures made from Kevlar fibre, matched with the optional ballistic parachute recovery system, safety really does come as standard.